Love in the ruins

New Theatre Company puts Don Juan on Trial

New Theatre co-artistic-directors Charlotte Akin and Robyne Gulledge provide bedrock comic support as, respectively, a well-compensated professional adulteress and a too-coy-to-be-real romance novelist. They work the script's bitchiest exchanges into a fine, hard gleam.

And finally, in the title role, Jim Jorgensen wears a luxurious sable of brown curls and wisely underplays Don Juan where many actors would become possessed by the spirit of that wig and camp it up accordingly. As Bruce Coleman noted to Dallas Morning News' Lawson Taitte, Jorgensen has played milquetoasts in the past few New Theatre Company productions; My Thing of Love, Pterodactyls, and Rocket to the Moon all featured him as disappointing men with varying degrees of success. The Wages of Sin or...Don Juan on Trial finds him in full command of his sharp facial features and lean, angular body. Jorgensen's chief asset as an actor is a certain vulnerability he conveys with potent sincerity. The cocky overtones of Don Juan aren't muffled in his interpretation; the character relies on an actor who can effectively play this master manipulator on his knees, after all. Jorgensen makes it a short, convincing trip from bravado to humility.

The Wages of Sin or...Don Juan on Trial runs through November 30. Call 871-

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