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december 22
Holiday Guitar Magic: The Dallas Classic Guitar Society presents a fundraiser that combines children, adults, and guitars in an afternoon of international holiday tunes. The adults are some of the best, most-sought after guitar teachers in the North Texas area, including Robert Guthrie from Southern Methodist University; Robert Harding from Collin County Community College; Kendall Jones, a private teacher and frequent concert soloist; Polly Maynard, director of the Childbloom Guitar program in Denton; and Jan Ryberg, who teaches just about anywhere she can find a podium, to judge from her credits in the press material. Those folks will be performing seasonal favorites with some hand-picked students at 3 p.m. at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas, 4015 Normandy at Preston. Donation is $10. Call (214) 528-3733.

A Conversation With Jim Wright: The press material for "A Conversation With Jim Wright" makes it clear that this half-hour interview with the Texas native and former Speaker of the House is "designed to inspire viewers with the life stories of people who rose to the top of their fields," a la other KDTN-TV Channel 2 "A Conversation With..." specials featuring Arthur Miller, Dr. Jane Goodall, and Carlos Fuentes. Wright's accomplishments are undeniably significant, but will he hold forth on the scandal that brought him down and the role that Newt Gingrich played in bringing it to the public? A listener could learn as much from an honest assessment by Wright of his failures as from a celebration of his achievements. The interview is broadcast at 9 p.m. on KDTN-TV Channel 2. Call (214) 871-1390.

december 23
Starlight Flight: There's a way to get high this holiday season that's not only perfectly legal, but should delight even the most seasoned ozone-surfer. Starlight Flights offer their annual DFW Christmas light tours. Forget the horse-drawn carriages, these tours are in chartered planes. The pilots are flight instructors certified by the Federal Aviation Administration who will take you over a variety of scenic spots, including downtown Dallas or your neighborhood (no, you will not be allowed to drop objects on the homes of unsuspecting neighbors). They'll provide snack food like cheese and crackers and chocolates; you provide that special adventurous someone. Thirty- and 60-minute departures happen nightly 6 p.m.-1 a.m. from Addison Airport in Addison. For info call (817) 588-1817.

december 24
Fort Worth and Dallas TubaChristmas: The Tubists Universal Brotherhood Association (T.U.B.A.) sounds like the kind of society that attracts chubby guys with secret handshakes who order the elimination of members who rat to outsiders about any of their arcane tubular rituals. In point of fact, TUBAns are a very benign, local chapter of tuba musicians who are held together by the general public's ignorance and ridicule of their beloved brass instrument. Tubists, sousaphonists, and players of the euphonium and baritone horn are all invited to perform at the Fort Worth and Dallas TubaChristmas concerts, which feature holiday tunes in commemoration of the 94th birthday of the late William J. Bell, dean of tuba players around the world. The Fort Worth TubaChristmas happens December 23 at noon at General Worth Square, adjacent to Radisson Plaza Hotel, in downtown Fort Worth. The Dallas TubaChristmas happens December 24 at noon in Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas. Call (214) 826-0306.

december 25
Traditional Christmas Brunch: Brunch is a concept that's lost on most Americans, mostly because, as a nation, we've conditioned ourselves to eat till we're full or beyond every time someone puts a dinner plate before us. The idea of a light mid-morning meal just doesn't compute with most of us. The Doubletree Hotel at Lincoln Centre offers a Traditional Christmas Brunch that's really just a holiday meal for anyone who doesn't want to cook for a bunch of people--or just for themselves. Salads, turkey, dessert, seafood, red meat, hot vegetables, and an equally tummy-busting breakfast spread. Price is $30 for adults, $25 for seniors, and $16 for children, with everyone under five eating free. The Doubletree's Traditional Christmas Brunch happens from 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Doubletree at Lincoln Centre, North Dallas Tollway and LBJ Freeway. (214) 934-8400.

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