Good vibrations

After a brief setback, local prodigy is again on track

"He went to a school where he couldn't get a program like [Priscilla Tyler's]" Sanders says. "I've started working with him again, because there hasn't been a consistent program for him...he's doing well, but if he had been studying, he'd be so much farther along."

"The toughest thing to do with kids is to keep them focused," Dr. Skinner agrees. "If Dewaylon can do that, he could be incredible."

There's a lot of support for Dewaylon out there. "Whatever I can do," Hagen says, echoing an oft-heard refrain when the subject of the young musician comes up. "Just let me know what it'd take and I'll send it," Jerry King says from California. "The music business has been very good to me, and I just want to put something back...[Dewaylon] has too much talent to go to waste."

Dewaylon himself is pretty pragmatic about the whole affair; in fact, he'd rather be a star basketball player, but "the vibes'll give me something to fall back on if I break my leg or something." He pauses for a moment. "If that doesn't work out, I can also draw pretty good."

Robert Sanders--among others--isn't about to let that happen, however. "I'll be working with him again," he says, "and we'll get him up to the speed he's capable of."

Scene, heard
Hard Night's Day, the Beatles band that is Dallas' own reFab Four (actually five, the better to do justice to the 120-odd songs in their repertoire)--and favorite cover band (according to the Observer's Music Awards)--has signed on for an eight-state tour that will take them to the east and west coasts and beyond, all the way to Honolulu...

In case you were wondering--and even if you weren't--that was Lounge Lizard King Johnny Reno and his band playing on the soundtrack to December 16's episode of Melrose Place. The song, "El Toro de Oro," is one of two Reno licensed to the popular TV show and was named after a bullfighter's bar in Madrid, Spain, that Reno visited and was much taken with. Recorded with pal Red Young of Red and the Red Hots, the instrumental will be on his upcoming CD Swinging and Singing, due to be released on Reno's Menthol Records label sometime in January...

Ugly Mus-tard are working on a track for a Buena Vista fil titled Shadow Conspiracy, a political thriller...UFOFU's self-titled debut--recorded in Seattle at the same studio Nirvana used to make Bleach--has been scheduled for release February 11...the Toadies have moved--Christmas lights and all--into a rehearsal space at Last Beat Studios for pre-production work on their upcoming album. On other Last Beat-associated news, Tablet--having split from Mercury Records--is working on a six-song demo to shop around to other labels. LB honcho and manager Shaun Edwardes reports that Polydor is the current frontrunner...

The State Bar has gone "tits up," in the parlance of the local denizen who first brought news of the popular Fair Park club's demise. The club was a bit more upscale alternative to the rowdy Bar of Soap across the alley, but had always had a certain wobble in its walk. The kitchen was sporadic and the space--which will no doubt reopen soon under the same name--had reportedly gone through numerous ownership groups...

Vibrolux is entering the home stretch on their long-awaited album, hoping to wrap up work in January and release the thing on Polydor in the summer...Word to yo' mutha: Professional masochist Vanilla Ice will be at Eden 2000 December 30...

Richard Baimbridge--who contributed to this week's column--and Street Beat say: "Look at me, everybody; I'm a cowboy. Howdy, howdy, howdy" at

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