When is a bill not a bill?

When it's a recommendation, but still: watch out

The Broadway national tour of Jam on the Groove at Fort Worth's Casa Manana, set to run February 18 through 20, has been cancelled...Club Clearview is hosting "Band Dude Karaoke" Thursday, January 23, an event that apparently features local musicians (i.e., have actually been booked) acting like drunken Japanese businessmen. The point is a bit elusive, but it sounds, um, interesting.

When Thing One guitarist Jeff Ballow was working at Arlington's C&S Music and ran into Howard Scott, songwriter and lead singer for War, he did what any musician would do: engaged him in a little light conversation, then gave him a CD of his band's music. "In this business, any response at all would be above and beyond," Ballow admits, recognizing that such uninvited tapes and CDs are more likely to be used to steady that uneven table leg than actually get a listen.

Much to Ballow's surprise, Scott actually called him back. Even more amazing, Scott thought the album, Brother Humble (recorded and mixed in two days) had potential. "He asked us if that was the best we could do," Ballow recalls, "and I said 'no way.' Most everything on it was done in one take." Scott has forwarded the disc to friends at RCA and promised to support the band, perhaps by getting them some opening slots.

Both Pat Boyack and Slobberbone are in Austin's Arlyn studios working on new albums...Boo! The ghost of defunct band Flux will reappear this week on a colored-vinyl single put out by Frank Kozik's label Man's Ruin; meanwhile, former Fluxers Bucky Buchannan and Gerry Cummings can be caught as part of Killagain...Matt Castille of the Vas Deferens Organization called the other day to express remorse at leaving the name of Brec Outland off of his list of folks he started the avant-experimental group with in 1992...

The Moon Festival has a new album out, Sugar Pill, and will be celebrating that fact with a free show January 31 at the Barley House; showtime is 10 pm...Punkers Mess are going mental on the road, about a third of the way through a 15-gig tour of the Gulf and East coasts...

Street Beat wonders about some of the people you see wearing leather pants. Your observations, comments and input are welcome at Matt_Weitz@dallas-observer.com.

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