'I'm not that stupid'

City council hopeful Brenda Reyes shows amazing inventiveness in meeting residency laws

On Thursday, the big money will roll into The City Club inside NationsBank Plaza for another reception. An R.S.V.P. for the event asks sponsors to contribute $1,000 to be a "host," $500 to be a "sponsor," and $250 to be a "patron."

The 10 donors who make up the event's "Host Committee" include former Enserch chairman David Biegler, Austin Industries chairman and CEO Bill Solomon, NationsBank Texas president Bob Lane, and Texas Utilities CEO Erle Nye. All four men gave to Luna and are throwing their support to Reyes.

The list of supporters seems impressive for Reyes, who is virtually unknown to voters, but she discounts speculation that she has been anointed as Luna's successor.

"Almost all of those people I know personally, myself," Reyes says. "I went to them, set up appointments with them in their offices, asked them for their support because they worked with me."

Reyes certainly knows where she's going, even if she's not sure where she's been, where she is now, or when she got there. She also contends that the people of District 2 won't care about where she's lived.

"What does this have to do--where I've lived--with my election to the city council?" Reyes asks, not waiting for an answer. "I think enough is enough on one subject. Don't you?

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