All ends well

The Undermain ricochets through a merry Comedy of Errors

By the start of the second act, however, everyone had hit their stride. Mischievous Raphael Parry and Millegan make such appealing sidekicks, I'd love to see them resurface together in another play that focused more exclusively on their chemistry. Tom Lenaghan, as Greg Gormley's Dromo, was charmingly unShakespearean in his breathless, overgrown-kid delivery.

The Comedy of Errors is probably the least resonant of William Shakespeare's comedies. The Undermain seems perfectly aware of this fact, and has taken up the slack with its own fluid comic enthusiasm. It's a testament to the marvelous skills of the cast that this show speeds by like no Shakespearean production you've ever seen--and even makes you miss the characters when it's over.

The Comedy of Errors runs through April 5. Call 871-

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