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Question of equity
Only the most androgynous among us would deny there are physiological differences between men and women ["Losing by decision," February 20]. Biological destiny dictates different amounts and distribution of body fat and muscle mass. Woman bear children. Therefore we are built differently. Neither gender is inferior or superior. Just different.

When I was a kid, I had many occasions to wrestle with my girlfriend's brother, Patrick. He was a couple of years younger than me, but about the same size. He pinned me hands-down every time. And if Mrs. Zwiebel didn't tell us to "knock it off," Patrick would have indeed hurt me. (Unintentionally, of course--Patrick didn't have a mean bone in his body). So if exercise physiologists say that boys and girls in the same weight class are not fairly matched, I'd buy that.

However, intra-sex wrestling isn't really the question. What is at stake is how seriously we take girls' athletics and how equally they are funded.

Many studies have shown that boys involved in regular athletic programs are less likely to get into drugs or gangs, less likely to get a girl pregnant, and more likely to finish high school and seek past-secondary training. The same seems to be true for girls.

Organized sports programs give children discipline, structure, a sense of belonging, and, quite frankly, something to do with their excess time and energy. It should be noted that extra-curricular activities such as music, the visual arts, dance, theatre, and academics afford children the same benefits.

So we must ask ourselves, Are we more interested in investing in machismo or in bright futures for our children--boys and girls alike?

Sheila McKay

Embedded racism
This letter is in reference to Julie Lyons' article concerning the DISD hecklers/protesters ["Bring on the noise," February 27]. Lyons, while ostensibly attacking racism in the article from all sides of the color line, exhibited herself just how embedded racism resides in the conscious and subconscious minds of many Caucasians.

Perhaps Lyons was not even aware of it, but she stated that when she went to one of the protesters' homes, it was "well-kept." This statement was as if to say that such a house owned by a black person must be anomaly. Surely, it is not within the realm of normality for a black person to have a well-kept home! I suggest that if Lyons is truly concerned with eradicating racism, she should begin with herself and delve deep into her own consciousness and soul. She just might be surprised at what she finds.

E. Artsauna Joe

"Prophets without honor in their hometown." Good God, an oblique Jesus reference ["Prophets without honor," March 20]. For those two clowns? Of course, it should have read: Profits without honor. Or just maybe Charlatans R Us to keep in with their rant for their supposed free-enterprise love affair.

First, my two friends in fedoras have done a grave injustice to many of our black brothers when they say blacks have failed to embrace capitalism. Have they never visited a crack house? They would be so proud to see such pursuit of the bottom line! Capitalism at its purest! The cure for all economic ills! How they must beam with pride at the skill and organization of this thriving industry!

What would really be interesting is to hear how one of these free-marketing dealers conducts his business in the tried and true method of dog-eat-dog capitalism. Oh, I know the fedora twins can't have someone like that on their show as it would reveal all their hypocrisy. So try having a legal drug dealer like a liquor store owner on. He could talk about what good customers drunks are and other lovely details.

But what bothers me and the rest of the free-market faithful is their cry to "buy black." Well, what if a white guy has a cheaper quarter-ounce bag than a black guy? Are these two going to make up the difference in my pocketbook? I don't think so. Hey, talk about your socialists!! I want a choice, man.

Capitalism is one sorry religion. All it sees is money--not the human soul. Hey, I wonder which we get to spend eternity with? And putting money first would be fine if it didn't get in the way of that dang First Amendment. (It's always something that has to come along and ruin the party, ain't it?) Of course, God wasn't smart enough to understand that we have to have money and that therefore free-market capitalism will save our souls. Was He?

Tim Kohler
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Home away from home
Hey guys, thanks for getting up and running on the web.
We're on tour right now in Seattle, and your website helps me get over the homesickness a little bit. I've been reading the Austin Chronicle over the web because I didn't know you guys had yours going. Gracias.

Ken Bethea
Old 97's
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