The vote's in the bag

Labor hall offers the homeless cash and sandwiches to be good citizens

After he voted, Christian says, he returned to the van and the driver gave him the sandwich, which, he adds, he doesn't intend to eat.

So how did Christian, if that's who he really is, wind up in the living room of Loza supporter Larry Wheat on Saturday afternoon?

Wheat says he went to the Bunkhaus several weeks ago and hired Christian and several other workers to help him stuff campaign envelopes for Loza and to complete other odd jobs around the house.

Because people like Boehme and Moreno showed up on the list of Reyes campaign contributors, Wheat says, the Loza campaign immediately feared that history would repeat itself in this election. So, Wheat says, he asked Christian to call him if anyone at the Bunkhaus asked him to vote.

"What I told him was that if they asked for his voter registration card not to give it to them. He thought I meant not to use his voter registration card," says Wheat, who adds that he didn't think Christian would actually use someone else's card to vote.

Not surprisingly, Loza says he's outraged by the activities going on at the labor hall this weekend and renewed his request that the District Attorney's office investigate.

Loza says he didn't know who Christian was until Saturday afternoon, after the voting incident took place. Despite the odd circumstances that inspired Christian to cast an illegal vote, Loza says he doesn't think it reflects badly on his campaign.

"I mean it was the people from the labor hall who offered him a voter registration card," Loza says. "They basically did wrong, and there's no getting around that.

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