What price victory?

A youngster encounters tricky racial politics by challenging Kathlyn Gilliam

That her young opponent is attracting campaign cash from wealthy white Dallasites apparently has not ruffled the feathers of Gilliam, undefeated--and often unopposed--in elections for her seat since 1974.

"I don't even know who they are," contends Gilliam, who says she has not even glanced at Price's filings. "But apparently they can't vote in this district." She says she cannot worry about Price's contributors because "I have a campaign to run myself."

Meanwhile, Price has ready explanations for the composition of his contributor list. "I have plenty of black contributors," he says. "Anyone can cut me a check for my campaign. I'm not hung up on that."

Price, who will have to quit his school administrative job policing truancy issues if he wins a slot on the board, believes that he will prevail because the 66-year-old Gilliam is "out of touch.''

He deflects the criticism he has received for opposing her by noting that every leader of substance, including Martin Luther King, received flak for confronting established powers. "I've never heard of a time when people pass down power," he says.

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