Scorched earth

New Theatre Company sets Nebraska afire

I didn't recall until Nebraska was almost over that T.A. Taylor had given one of the best performances last year that I've ever seen on a Dallas stage. In New Theatre Company's revamped version of Clifford Odets' Rocket to the Moon, he played a man several decades older than himself with very little makeup, applying seamless mannerisms atop a soulful portrayal of a man who couldn't get enough of life. In Nebraska, Taylor as Jack has had all too much of life as an automaton, so he expresses himself by getting drunk to the music of Wagner and other European composers. Taylor's performance is deceptively simple, but its multiple layers reveal themselves as Nebraska rolls forward. Jack isn't just bored by post-Soviet life in the American military, he'd never fully given his heart to the anti-Communist cause in the first place, we suspect. Denied even that straw villain, he's consumed by his own displacement.

Nebraska runs through May 31. Call (214) 871-

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