My two sons?

Former school trustee Roberto Medrano is sued for child support

In his own investigation, Wightman says, he has learned that Medrano does indeed draw a salary--$480 a week from Dallas Can Academy, an alternative education program for high school dropouts and other "at-risk" teens. The director of Dallas Can, Roosevelt Speed, did not return calls from the Observer.

On May 16, Medrano was ordered by state District Associate Judge Christine Collie to pay Vera temporary child support retroactive to the filing of her original petition December 12. Wightman says his client has since received three money orders from Medrano, totaling $203.67.

The parties are scheduled to meet in court on June 16, where Wightman says he will try to "hammer out some of these issues. Robert Medrano is trying to hide his employment and his income, and we want to prove it."

Meanwhile, Vera says, her two sons--who have never met their father--are wondering why Medrano can't do better at leading by example.

"We think it's ironic that he served all those years on the DISD school board and now teaches kids at Dallas Can about taking responsibility for their actions. He ought to come forward and do the right thing.

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