Big man, big mouth

Nate Newton holds forth on race, whores, and getting along with reporters

On the number of times he went to the "white house:" "Twice."
On his choice of local newscasts: "I watch Channel 5 only when some bad shit happens to Cowboys. Because I know ya'll going to be on top of it."

Channel 5 lawyers have tried to question Newton, Irvin, and Cowboys Leon Lett and Charles Haley over the past month, and only Newton thus far has complied.

On May 15, Williams' lawyer asked the court to limit the kinds of questions Channel 5's lawyers can ask, as well as seal the entire record--things like Newton's deposition--from public view.

Channel 5 lawyer Leon Carter says he will be fighting that request when it comes up at a hearing later this month, at least as it applies to material provided by Williams, Irvin, and their close friends.

Ginsberg and company have been taking plenty of shots at his clients in press conferences and in their legal pleadings, Carter complains. "If the plaintiff's attorneys want to continue to publicly disparage our client and try this case in the media, they can do so," Carter says. "We will not stoop to their level, but we will respond to media inquiries."

Ginsberg did not return repeated phone calls.
The kinds of things Channel 5's lawyers have been asking for in their pre-trial discovery are clearly meant to turn up the heat on Williams, and now Irvin.

Cowboys witnesses, for instance, were asked to bring to their depositions "lewd novelty devices used by Erik Williams." An accompanying definition list describes those as "dildos, vibrators, or sex toys of any description."

They were also asked to bring "all documents related to sexual intercourse between Erik Williams and any other person and all documents related to use by Erik Williams of a controlled substance."

Questions put in writing to Williams include several interesting "requests for admissions": "Admit that during your career with the Dallas Cowboys you have tested positive for illegal drugs...Admit that during your career with the Dallas Cowboys you have admitted to various individuals that you have failed drug tests."

Williams also was asked to "identify the individuals...with whom (Williams) has placed bets and/or gambled on college and professional sports."

Williams has not yet responded to the written questions from Channel 5's lawyer.

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