Neither fish nor fowl

Shakespeare Festival of Dallas gets the wrong parts of Macbeth right

But how did Lord and Lady fare? Leslie Alexander as Lady Macbeth was a bit too much of a ball-buster for my tastes, a bombastic route that Alexander paves with solid command of the text. Her "unsex me now" speech, always a personal favorite, got lost in the military march of Alexander's concerted but nuance-free performance.

Dan Day as Macbeth labors under another Shakespearean shadow--the actor's own terrific performance as Hamlet in a recent production by Kitchen Dog Theater, the company over which Day serves as artistic director. Reverberating in the confines of the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Day as Hamlet was an irritable, self-indulgent rake--we were free to take his musings as profound or selfish. Day as Macbeth is a megaphone--the voice comes through clearly enough, but the subtleties of tone get lost in the projection. He makes a serviceable fallen hero, going so far as to imbue Macbeth with a frailty that's startling and poignant in the scene with his wife after he's murdered the king, bloody daggers in hand. But I couldn't help but wonder what Day would do with a roof over his head and a smaller, more attentive audience.

Macbeth runs in repertory with Twelfth Night through July 27. Call 559-2778.

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