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The times they are a-changin' at the Sons of Hermann

Denton band Dr. Teeth has a four-song cassette out titled Old Style that showcases the band's Dixie Dregs-ish jazz-rock...Dallas band Roller--originally formed as Steamroller 88 three years ago--has a new album out, Southbound and Down, 12 songs of relentless punk-influenced rock. The band--which has gotten good reviews from such oughta-knows as Buzzmonger and Crash magazines--is currently working on a split seven-inch with Billyclub...

Congrats to two local bands that got good ink from the bimonthly music mag Request: Brave Combo got an almost all-good review of Group Dance Epidemic (they didn't much care for "The Hokey Pokey"), and Fireworks' Lit Up! was said to be "...trailing smart, smug concepts through a low-down mire of dirty-ass rock 'n' roll that keeps one foot in the garage and the other in the house of voodoo." Whoa, Nellie! Zach Bair and No Control have a five-song EP poised for release; check 'em out Sunday, September 7, at Q102's "Texas Tapes" at the Green Room...Cresta is looking for a drummer...

When we said that one side of Kim Lenz and her Jaguars' new 45 consisted of obscure covers, we didn't know just how right we were: the song "Bop City" hasn't even been recorded before. Originally done by local gal rocker Sherry Davis back in the '50s, the song was on a tape of live cuts from the legendary Big D Jamboree unearthed by steve records' David Dennard and passed on to Lenz...Mazinga Phaser, whose new release Abandinallhope is reviewed in this issue, will be appearing at the Borders bookstore in Fort Worth September 19...Thursday, September 4, will see a tribute to Rockadelic Records founder Mark Migliore, a pioneer in promoting and preserving Texas (and other forms of) garage psychedelia. Migliore, who committed suicide a year ago, will be honored by a show performed by Iron Bong, whose Big Hits was released earlier this year on Lost Records. Iron Bong is a veritable Texas psych history lesson, boasting (and in just four guys) members or alumni of bands such as Bag, the Modern Whigs, Fish Eye Lens, Burnin' Rain, the Whirligigs, the Stingrays, and the Mood Swings...

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