Rumors of war

A fight over rezoning has some northeast Dallas homeowners talking recall

In late August, Evans agreed to meet with neighborhood residents at Moss Farm Elementary School. Neighbors were more than a little unnerved when Evans drove up to the meeting in the same car with Blaydes. After listening to Evans explain his plans for the property, the 300 residents in attendance unanimously voted to oppose the development and the required zoning change.

Evans has requested that the September 11 Plan Commission meeting be postponed until after he arranges a meeting between neighborhood residents and representatives of Walgreen's.

"I try not to involve myself in zoning cases at this point," says Walne. "I want to allow the planning commission to do what they're there for."

At the recent town hall meeting, Walne told the people in attendance that he didn't want to get involved and that it wasn't a political issue. That particularly incensed Quilling. "If he doesn't get off the fence and support his constituents, he will find out very quickly just how political this issue is," Quilling says.

Neighbors plan to picket Walne's house and office as well as forthcoming City Council meetings. And if that doesn't work, they say, Walne might very well be facing a recall election.

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