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DAVIDEO DIARY: A Social Calendar of Culture: Native Texans--especially Dallasites--are saddled with a certain stereotype whenever they travel outside of the state. People expect J.R. Ewing, riding a horse and drilling for oil. In reality, most Dallasites are lifelong city dwellers who get their oil from the gas station and have no idea how to mount a horse. This installation of video and video prints is a visual documentation of some often-overlooked aspects of Dallas culture, as seen through the lens of videographer David Bacon. Some of the places Bacon takes his audience include a gay pride parade, Halloween in Oak Lawn, and an Easter Sunday spent in the park. The show, which continues until October 11, opens with a reception for the artist from 5-9 p.m at Artenativo, 1431 1/2 Bennett Ave.

september 28
Searching for Ancient Egypt: Like thousands of other kids, we wanted to be an archaeologist after seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark. After finding out the sad truth that Indiana Jones was not the rule, and that most archaeologists spend more time wielding a dirty toothbrush than a whip, the passion faded. But a certain fascination with history and ancient cultures remained, making this new exhibit interesting indeed. It's especially interesting because an air of mystery has always shrouded ancient Egypt, offering glimpses--but never a full view--of a once-flourishing society. More than 130 ancient Egyptian antiquities will be on display, including the 4,300-year-old funerary chamber of nobleman Kapure and major architectural elements from the Palace of King Merenptah. The exhibit runs through February 1 at the Dallas Museum of Art, 1717 N. Harwood. Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for students and senior citizens, and $3 for children under 12. Admission includes an audio tour. Call (214) 922-1200 for more info.

september 29
Clebo Rainey: If there is one man to credit for promoting the Dallas spoken word scene beyond a narrow cult, it's Clebo Rainey. Rainey is one of the founding fathers and most tireless promoters of spoken word in the area. He has hosted or founded poetry slams at Club Clearview, the Dark Room, the Cosmic Cup, and Rock N Java. Through his efforts, poetry slams have sprung up all over town. Retaining the punk ethic he possessed as founder-owner of the innovative Metamorphosis Records, Rainey's poems are aggressive and in-your-face, more like a one-man play than a traditional poem. Poets from all over the metroplex will descend on The Dark Room, 2713 Elm, to help Rainey celebrate the release of his fourth book, The Spiral Notebook. The evening will feature performances of Rainey's poems by himself and a host of other performers, and feature music by Paul Slavens and Experimental Barbecue. Show starts at 9 p.m.

k.d. lang: The consensus in the national press was that k.d. lang's previous album, All You Can Eat, was a failure. Chalk another one up for the fallibility of consensus; except for the occasional lyrical excess (that part about "freeing the hounds of chastity" on the otherwise scintillating "Sexuality" always makes us wince), we always return to this collection of love songs. Luckily, everyone has acknowledged how great Drag, lang's newest offering, is. Her version of Steve Miller's "The Joker" is one of the great gender-bending orgies of the decade. Lang's powerful brass-section of a voice could easily lead her into bombastic displays of vocal prowess, but live, she's as low-key, intelligent, and sensuous as her best recordings. She performs at 8 p.m. at McFarlin Auditorium on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Call (214) 373-8000.

september 30
Larry McMurtry: One of the most prolific and well-respected authors of his generation, Larry McMurtry has created some of the most beloved (and ornery) literary characters in modern fiction, including the grizzled Texas Rangers Woodrow Call and Gus McRae from perhaps his most popular novel, Lonesome Dove. Some of McMurtry's other well-known titles include Terms of Endearment, The Last Picture Show, and Horseman, Pass By. The Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize-winning author returns to his alma mater, the University of North Texas, to give a free lecture at 8 p.m. in the Auditorium Building, West Hickory Street between Avenues A and B. Following the lecture, McMurtry will be present at a free "meet the author" reception at 9:30 p.m. in the University Union Silver Eagle Suite.

october 1
Chair With a View: Art Focus XC, a loose collection of like-minded artists, continues its mission of creating brilliant art while helping others. Since the group's inception in 1992, a percentage of all sales of paintings has been donated to charity. For the third year, the Anasazi Gallery hosts the group's traveling exhibition, which this year focuses on the artists' thought processes. The exhibition kicks off with an opening reception and silent auction that benefits the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a national organization fighting to cure retinal degenerative diseases. The artists have created a series of elaborately decorated chairs that will be auctioned. The reception and auction start at 4 p.m. at 12300 Inwood Road. Call (972) 386-0783.

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