Unlikely hybrid

The cocktail country of the Lucky Pierres proves to be the right mix

Gonzalez-Pittenger has settled comfortably into her role as the band's front person. "I think I fit right in," she laughs. "At first, I didn't know how to volley punchlines with them--they're a pretty witty, but strange, bunch of guys--but it's been a lot of fun. They were a great band before I came along, so it's a pleasure to be part of it."

While the recording project rolls along, the Lucky Pierres are starting to play in public a bit more: The band will open for Cowboys & Indians on October 10 at the Sons of Hermann Hall.

As for any of the whiz-kid scenesters who wander onto the bandwagon and remember Herriage and Chaney from their formative Deep Ellum days--when their band Feet First was the inspiration for bands such as the New Bohemians--Herriage can only say music, like life, is ever-changing.

"People come up and say, 'Weren't you guys in Feet First?'" Herriage says. "'We crept in to see you when we were kids.'" He switches his tone to mock-Vince Lombardi gruffness. "I just tell 'em, 'Hey, I got pieces of punks like you in my stool.' You can say that when you're a venerable and wily veteran. Right?"

Editorial comment
There come times when the things around you are so absurd and just so surrealistically laden with bullshit that you think you're in a dream. You pinch yourself repeatedly and realize with a shudder that you are awake.

We've made some calls, checked the Internet, and, with a shiver that has chilled our very core, realized that the news story about Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch writing a song titled "Souls Along the Way" for Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy--and having it recorded by country "artist" Madeline Stone--seems hideously real. Now Sen. Kennedy--who we thought had moderated his alcohol consumption--thinks that disingenuous folk-pop pinup Jewel should also record the ditty.

Excuse us? Orrin Hatch? Wasn't he the poison dwarf who led the Anita Hill barbecue a few years back? And Ted Kennedy? Granted, he's been involved with, and a force behind, some of the most female-empowering legislation ever to pass into law, but he--and indeed his whole clan--has a personal record with women that doesn't exactly compel admiration. If you could die of shame, both men would've been compost long ago, so it probably won't matter whether or not Jewel tells these two presumptuous boobs exactly where to get off and why, but we can still hope that she does. Tell you what, guys: Stay the hell away from music, and Street Beat will make sure that Michael Bolton doesn't introduce any new health-care legislation.

--Matt Weitz

Scene, heard
The Mullens have a new album out on Get Hip Records titled Step On the Gas, the release party for which will be October 18 at the Orbit Room...Sunday, October 5, the Walden Piano Quartet will present an evening of classical music featuring works by Brahms, Mahler, and Beethoven at SMU's Caruth Auditorium; for more info call (214) 691-5652...Elvis T. Busboy will be holding court at the Billiard Bar on Lower Greenville every Wednesday in October...Earl Harvin and Dave Palmer--who most recently collaborated on Harvin's Leaning House Records release Strange Happy--will be in town at various music spots from October 7 through 16. The pair, who just got done working with Seal on his pending new release, will be joined by bassist Fred Hamilton. The first gigs will be Tuesday, October 7, through Saturday, October 11, at Sambuca...Michelle Solberg--with band--will be at the Velvet Elvis on Friday, October 3...Jibe is back in Crystal Clear Studios working on a three-tune sampler of their new work, due out on a full-length album sometime in 1998...the Tomorrowpeople have finalized a six-disc recording contract with Geffen, and Britain's Einnor Records has agreed to license and distribute the bulk of Last Beat's catalog, including the T.people's Golden Energy, as well as Riot Squad's Undying Breed and Pretty Ugly by Mess (actually, the Dallas band formerly known as Mess after a legal scrap with a band that had already copyrighted the name)...Farm Aid, one of the better lineups that this summer has seen, has moved to the New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park, Illinois. Promoters blamed the cumulative effects of the string of large and mostly boring mega-tours that have plowed through the metroplex as of late, with (ugh) the Rolling Stones and (shudder) Fleetwood Mac yet to come...Cresta has agreed to another--and better--demo deal with MCA.

Thanks to Rick Koster for covering for Matt Weitz while he was on vacation, an event which is sadly over now. Regardless of who actually receives them (at Matt_Weitz@dallasobserver.com, natch), however, Street Beat gets such a kick out of your e-mail tips, comments, and assistance that we can hardly stand it. Please continue.

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