Night of the Hunter

Homage is harder than it looks

Thou shalt not bear false witness: "Do you think I'm stupid?!" the Austin cop shrieked as he sprayed spittle on the Mullens' Tim Stiles. The officer, merely doing his part to keep Sixth Street safe for Austin the Live Music Capitol of the Galaxy and its drunken conventioneers, was hassling drummer Stiles and bassist Dana Williams for suspicion of the possibility of being in the vicinity of the smell of burning marijuana, assassin of our nation's youth. "He was real wet-behind-the ears, ROTC type," says Stiles--who, along with Williams, was spread-eagled and frisked in the courtyard of Emo's, the venue they were playing. "The other cops were embarrassed." Stiles felt the question to be rhetorical and was correspondingly circumspect in his reply, and the two desperadoes were released unharmed. Plans for a remake of The Harder They Come with Stiles taking Jimmy Cliff's part are still in the formative stages.

Pardon me, is that the smell of rotting flesh? The Necro Tonz, our (and probably the planet's) first death-lounge act, have been signed to Last Beat Records. Specializing in the music of dead artists and their own creepy originals, the altogether-ooky quintet serves up a refreshingly sincere slab of Cooper (as in Alice) -esque theater rock and will have a 13-cut album due to be released (but of course) on Halloween. Check them out--if you dare--Saturday, October 11, at the Bar of Soap...

If you enjoyed the brilliant afternoon of Indian classical music on September 27 at the Meyerson, you may wish to make note of the upcoming events sponsored by the Indian Classical Music Circle of D-FW on the weekend of October 11 and 12. The weekend's events--to be held at the Dallas Museum of Art--will bring Shujaat Khan back on the sitar, the ineffably sublime Anada Gopal Bandopadhyay on tabla, and also feature the music of sarod, harmonium, and three vocalists, plus a lecture-demonstration by Vijay Kichlu. If this event is even one-tenth as inspiring as the Meyerson concert, then it's a must-see for any Indian, world, or plain ol' music fans; for more info call (817) 571-4926...

Fans of Western classical music will want to note the appearance of the University of North Texas Wind Symphony at UNT's College of Music Concert Hall up in Denton. On the bill will be a selection of contemporary works written specifically for winds and percussion, and it's free and open to the public...Carolyn Wonderland and the Imperial Monkeys will be at the Dark Room October 17...The Big Gundown's Mike Haskins is forming an all-instrumental spinoff of his retro-reverb act that will be called the Big Guns. Like Gundown, the new act will feature spaghetti western/spy movie-type tunes such as Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man"...

Hash Brown is now at the tiller of Greenville Bar and Grill's Monday-night jam sessions...Congrats to local harmonica fan Tom Ellis (organizer of the all-harmonica showcase at Blue Cat Blues that we mentioned here a few months ago), who just wrapped up a remarkably detailed five-installment story about the great harpist Paul Butterfield in Blues Access magazine. Although blues mags are known for detail and attention, Ellis' story--obviously a labor of love but no less unflinching for it--sets a new standard...Jazz dudes Earl Harvin (drums) and Dave Palmer (piano) play nightly at Sambuca through Saturday, October 11, and then journey north to Denton for a Sunday-night gig at Dan's Bar. Monday finds them at the Barley House...

Cops hassling musicians? The dead rising to walk--and play--among us? Has the whole world gone crazy? Street Beat wants to know what you think at Thanks to Tim Schuller for his contributions to this report.

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