Dr. Death
As the proud owner of a cat, I was deeply upset to read of Dr. Lucas' abusive and unethical violations of health, safety, and trust ["Dr. Lucas' little shop of horrors," October 9]. My heart goes out to everybody whose beloved pets were injured by this monster. Dr. Lucas may be ignorant enough to believe that she is legally untouchable; however, it takes a certain type of stupidity to claim that a massive post-operative infection occurs because of a pet's self-grooming. May Dr. Lucas experience the exact same treatment as the animals under her "care."

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He believed in me
I don't know how many clients Doug Mulder ["Best criminal lawyer," Best of Dallas, September 25] has dumped, but do not count me as one of his victims. I had only one lawyer for the entire time during the criminal investigation and trial. His name is Tom Mills, and he wins his cases. He took my case on a small retainer and a hand-shake promise from me that I would pay him in full somewhere down the line. I did just that.

He later hired Jay Ethington for our team, but these were the only two attorneys who ever represented Dan Peavy--period. By the way, I didn't walk on the charges--I was found not guilty by a 12-member jury. I would think that the real value of a lawyer is more accurately measured by his clients and not his peers. I submit that Mr. Mills believed in me when times were hard and stuck with me when dollars were tough to find. He walked the full mile with me, and I personally think he represents the best Dallas has to offer in the area of criminal lawyers.

You mentioned in your article that Mulder would have added to his reputation considerably if he had kept me as his client. You must jest. You jump to the conclusion that he would have won; I submit that one thing is for sure--he would have gotten his money up front. Mills probably gained some recognition, but the real reason he did so was that he won a case many of his peers and many of my friends gave up on.

The real problem here is that Mills was tied up with the Peavy case and unable to "walk" Darlie Routier. As for me in the Mulder vs. Mills game, the score is Mills 1, Mulder 0. The true test of a good lawyer is finding one who cares about you and believes in you. Mulder represents the system that says "you get just as much justice as you can pay for." He must have been too rich for my pocketbook, and how glad I am. My choice is Tom Mills, a man dedicated to his life's work, but first to his client.

Carver D. Peavy

Constitution be damned
One should remember, when considering the matter of Buchmeyer v. McBryde ["Temper, Temper," October 2], that Jerry Buchmeyer is the man who, in ruling against the 10-4-1 Dallas City Council plan, effectively said that the U.S. Congress was unconstitutional, since 10-4-1 closely resembles the structure of the legislative and executive branches (representatives, senators, and the president). One should consider that this pitiful fellow Buchmeyer thinks that he, and he alone, has the power, authority, and even the divine right to determine just who collective North Dallas should have for its neighbors. Contrary to popular liberal opinion, Jerry Buchmeyer doesn't give a shit about the Constitution. Small wonder, therefore, that he opposes Judge McBryde.

Steve Crager
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Travesty of justice
Your article on McBryde was timely--having recently appeared in his court, I witnessed a complete travesty of justice. Ten minutes to pick a jury of your peers? This case will be tried in a day and a half or I'll put an end to it? Judge McBryde is not what a judge is supposed to be--fair. But like him, we will spend our life savings fighting what is right.

Afraid to use my name--appeal is coming.
Name withheld
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Gonzalez's goose
Thanks to your excellent investigative reporting, Yvonne Gonzalez's goose is cooked, well done and crispy! We, the citizens of Dallas, knew that Gonzalez was a fake from the time she set foot here. Why isn't Robby Collins bragging now? After all, prior to her being exposed for who she is, [Collins] was touting the fact that he was the one who went to Santa Fe and brought her here. Where is Robert Hinkle? Wasn't he a master at propaganda facades? He should receive...what was that he gave Gonzalez at the rally? Oh yes, a golden boot. He should reserve the award for himself. Yes, the rusty boot, mired in total B.S.!

On a more serious note, all the cronies that Gonzalez placed in top positions because they could be trusted--by her--should be booted out immediately with Hinkle's rusty B.S. boot! The district is now in a shambles, and I am afraid that the real losers are the citizens of Dallas and the children of the schools.

We all are very much aware that Leos should also receive the boot for allowing Gonzalez to run loose without sound board leadership.

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