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Meddlers, go home
Here is yet another comment about the DISD fiasco.
I am amazed that the citizens of Dallas have tolerated these so-called "leaders" to use the DISD as a platform to further their political agendas. What amazes me further is that some of the hell-raisers apparently don't even live in Dallas. I know if I were a resident/parent of Dallas, I'd wonder why some of these out-of-town leaders find it their business to disrupt my school board. Each and every parent of a child who attends a DISD school should be outraged and demand that these idiots take their business elsewhere. The school board isn't the place to house a political arena.

The kids are our future. Dallasites should dedicate their full attention and tax dollars to the needs of these kids and their teachers. Tax dollars shouldn't be spent on spy scams, private investigators, tasteful office furnishings, or having cops at board meetings because of the presence of extremists. If we don't properly educate and prepare these kids for the real world, then who is going to take care of us when we become old and gray?

It's time to set aside "political correctness" and do what's right and best for these kids. Address the "real" issues and get on with educating these kids. And finally...tell the outsiders to butt out!

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LULAC scholarships
As a mother of a daughter who is a senior in high school, I read with much interest Rebeca Rodriguez's article ["Brawl in the family," October 2] shedding light on what appears to be LULAC's scholarship scam.

I urge the Observer to follow up with another article on LULAC as soon as they receive the requested annual filing reports of the Hispanic Institute for Progress (HIP) from the IRS. According to your article, the IRS indicated it would take several months to locate and retrieve this information. HIP is a nonprofit organization set up under the federal tax code; therefore, their financial records must be made available for examination upon request. That's the law. As a lawyer, Ms. Adelfa Callejo should know that.

Frankly, the public has a right to know the identity of individuals listed as members of the board of directors of HIP, along with total disclosure of their expenditures. I applaud Mr. [Gehrig] Saldana's efforts to assist families who are in need of financial assistance in order to provide higher education funding for truly needy children. I cannot imagine how LULAC District III director Greg Vaquera could not know how much money his district has in its bank account. Even more astonishing is that he does not know the name of the bank where they have their bank account. In light of LULAC District III treasurer Perry Vecchio's comments, I ask the Observer to stay the course and enlighten our citizenry once they receive the information requested from the IRS.

As for Southland Corp., I would advise them to put a hold on their proposed building donation project until LULAC District III gets its house in order. From what I can tell, something smells bad in LULAC today. Last, I ask the Observer's assistance in obtaining LULAC scholarship applications so all senior students can apply.

Rosemary Hernandez

I am writing this letter concerning the LULAC controversy. I have been a member of LULAC youth for three years now. During my last year in high school, I received a scholarship of $500 during the LULAC district convention that took place last April. This money has helped me pay for my first semester in college. I feel sad when I hear problems about our own LULAC family. I feel that they need to solve their problems and differences soon. I feel that the adult LULAC is not setting an example for growing LULAC youth. The way they are acting is just going to drive us away from LULAC. The people or "members" that are so-called in LULAC are using LULAC in a bad way--these people know who they are. Instead of getting Hispanics together, they are just setting the wrong example for us, the youth.

Conrado Mendoza
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Contrary to what the Dallas Observer stated in a Best of Dallas item (September 25) and in two editor's notes published in our letters column, Channel 4 news anchor Ashleigh Banfield has never sung "A Different Drum" during her nightclub appearances and, in fact, says she has never heard of the song. We sincerely regret the errors.

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