Too much magic

FairyTale is charming, sometimes inspiring--and almost entirely fraudulent

Those are just the ones that leap to mind; there are others--all of them neutralized by Sturridge's insistence on the literal truth of the cousins' lies. An ambiguous position would have allowed for the film to tackle one or all of them; even a steadfastly unmagical one would have left room for most.

With luck, Photographing Fairies will tackle some of these issues. Meanwhile, we have Sturridge's version--which provokes pleasure but little thought.

FairyTale--A True Story.
Directed by Charles Sturridge. Written by Ernie Contreras, based on a story by Albert Ash, Tom McLoughlin, and Ernie Contreras. Starring Florence Hoath, Elizabeth Earl, Paul McGann, Phoebe Nicholls, Peter O'Toole, and Harvey Keitel. Opens Friday.

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