Hassle class

Roadcrew tries to ease the rigors of playing live

Fasten up your brass buttons and put your cash on the barrelhead for local Americana/Texas music booking impresario Mike Snyder's annual Gram Parsons Appreciation Night this November 5, the night before Wilco appears at Trees. The event, which falls on what would have been Parson's 51st birthday, will feature the Lucky Pierres, Barry Kooda and Shaggy, Meredith Louise Miller (featuring underappreciated local six-string talent Reid Easterwood), and the Ridge Runners--a bluegrass/Gospel group that features Phillip Prince, formerly of the Mutineers...

When Street Beat wrote about Last Beat Studios and associated enterprises last week ("Working on a building," issue 764) we posited that LB honcho Sean Edwardes was different from many of his contemporaries in that he truly cared about music. What we were thinking about at the time was the wealth of horror stories about bands being sold down the river, screwed out of their due, or made to do something that they did not want to do at all because of corrupt or uncaring counsel. What we were definitely not thinking about was a definition of "contemporary" on local terms. Edwardes was not being compared to local studios or the people who work in them. His praiseworthy attributes are shared to an uncommon degree by most of the people involved with other labels like Crystal Clear, Dragon Street, One Ton, Direct Hit, and Rhythmic Records. To interpret praise of Edwardes as a dig at anybody else is contrary to the intentions of the article, and Street Beat regrets any confusion.

The picture of Green Day's Billie Joe in last week's issue should have been credited to Mike Insuaste; the correct year of Green Day embarking upon Lollapalooza was 1994. The tasty pic of blues guitarist Denny Freeman that ran unacknowledged in issue 757 should have been credited to Patti Mitchell.

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