Mr. [Marshall] Smith, on the other hand, we do not know--other than that campus crime is on the rise and there is a lack of security presence on campuses. Mr. Donavon Collins, we believe you when you reported that Security is "running buck-wild."

Mr. Smith, sir, you need to get a life and quit pointing fingers at others.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Rozen. You are an excellent investigative reporter. I have come to realize that we certainly need more people in DISD like Mr. Burruss, who is not afraid to tell the truth in the face of opposition. Over the last few months, I have personally witnessed the demise of DISD security. Where there was once structure and sound leadership in security, now there is nothing but incompetent staff running out of control.

Why is this now happening? Simply because there is no leadership in this hopeless organization. Our campus' metal detector has not worked since the beginning of school. We have made numerous fruitless calls to the security staff, pleading for them to repair our detectors. Mr. Smith seems to have a nonchalant and arrogant attitude about our needs. Meanwhile, the Dallas schoolchildren suffer because campuses aren't safe.

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A cry for help
While skeptical that such a dramatic and controversial story could ever be told without obvious bias and slant, I appreciate the professionalism that Kaylois Henry displayed during the interview involving my investigators and myself ["Never cry wolf," September 18].

While it is still our belief and contention that the allegations were unfounded, we sympathize with Tamara Hughes. It seems to me she has gone down a path that has no places to turn around. She believes what she is saying. For her own sanity, she must. I believe that. I am pleased that she is receiving counseling. I suppose that we will again have the opportunity to debate this in court rather than in the media. We are not uncomfortable with that.

It is not really my intention to re-hash the story other than to say that it appeared to represent both viewpoints as equitably as possible. And thanks for that.

Larry Wilson
Chief, Garland Police
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