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november 10
Dreams from a Summer House: Theatre Three, the professional theatre-in-the-round, presents the American premiere of Alan Ayckbourn's imaginative musical comedy as the third show of its 1997-98 Subscription Series. Theatre Three has staged a number of Ayckbourn's previous works to much acclaim, including Taking Steps, A Small Family Business, Woman in Mind, Season's Greetings, and Bedroom Farce. In a convention typical of musicals and musical comedy, the cast includes a beautiful woman who does not understand what is said to her, but can understand what is sung to her. Uh-huh. Nonetheless, Dreams from a Summer House more than lives up to the successful history established between Theatre Three and Ayckbourn. Monday's performance will be at 8:15 p.m., with other shows at 8:15 p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through November 30. Tickets are $5-$25. Theatre Three is located at 2800 Routh. Call (214) 871-3300.

november 11
Tap Dogs: It's tough trying to recommend a tap dance performance so soon on the heels of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance. That's not to say that Tap Dogs, a theatrical experience more in line with Bring in Da Funk, Bring in Da Noise, can't top it. This show is sure to entertain, even if only on a Village People-esque level. Set on an industrial stage inspired by choreographer Dein Perry's time as an industrial mechanic in Sydney, Australia, Tap Dogs has played to enthusiastic audiences and critical acclaim on a limited tour of North America, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. Shows are at 8 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday through November 16 at the Majestic Theatre, 1825 Elm. Tickets are $19-$44. Call (214) 373-8000.

november 12
Stanley Jordan: Originally pigeonholed as a jazz artist, Stanley Jordan embraces a broad synthesis of styles including blues, rock, and classical that has made him one of the most important guitarists today. As creative as he may be, Jordan is probably best known for his technical contributions to his instrument, using a technique called the touch technique, or tapping technique, which achieves a level of orchestral complexity equal to that of a keyboard instrument. In keeping with his diversity of styles, Jordan's show features everything from Ravel to Coltrane and everything in between. He performs at 8 p.m. at the Meyerson Symphony Center, 2301 Flora. Tickets are $15-$60. Call (214) 871-

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