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Colin Boyd's no doormat

Colin Boyd will be celebrating the Denton release of Sincerity at Dan's Bar on Thursday, November 13, and the Dallas release the next night at Poor David's. The final step in his quest for world domination--the Fort Worth release party--will be held at 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 15, at Borders.

VDO makes AP's best
Definitely bent and totally fearless, the musical mad scientists at the helm of our own Vas Deferens Organization have garnered yet another prop from the national print media, this time from Alternative Press, the monthly that serves as an international reference point for indie and truly alternative music. In the spring of this year, Managing Editor Dave Segal came across VDO's '97 release Transcontinental Conspiracy in the magazine's slush pile of unsolicited albums, demos, and musical miscellany.

"I didn't know who they were," Segal admits from AP's offices in Cleveland, Ohio. "But I recognized some of the names of people that I liked and respected--Brad Laner, the Mercury Rev people. When I played it, I found it to be one of the most inventive, amazing albums. I wrote a pretty positive review of it, and after it'd come out, I got this big package in the mail with their entire back catalog.

"I listened to all of it," Segal explains, "and I realized that these guys are really special--prolific, but with a super-high quality control. Their stuff was not only good, but in a variety of styles, and whatever they attempted, they excelled at."

The music that VDO makes reflects their love both of experimental music and for collecting the often obscure records that other like-minded bands put out. The organization is primarily Eric Lumbleau, Matt Castille, Christopher Moock, and Brian Artwick, working both on their own and with artists who catch their fancy. Their work more often than not pushes the boundaries of music past mere psychedelia and into the realm of full-blown weird-o-rama kosmiche. Segal--whose "pretty positive" AP review of Transcontinental earlier this year was absolutely glowing--has taken advantage of AP's end-of-the-year round-up to shine a light on VDO, mentioning the group as his choice for Artists of the Year for 1997, and mentioning them prominently in his piece on the brightest hopes for 1998.

"They're just one of the best bands out there right now," he explains. "They're record collectors, sure, but their music is influenced, not derivative, and those influences are incorporated with great subtlety. They have a strong sonic stamp."

Alternative Press' year-end wrap-up will appear in their February 1998 issue, due to hit the stands in January.

Scene, heard
Investigate Out to Lunch, the record store that will serve as a partial adjunct to Jason Cohen's Forbidden Books and Forbidden Music. Located close by Fair Park laundromat/nightspot Bar of Soap and operated by Ed Stafford--noted local authority on weird and esoteric music--Out to Lunch opened for business last Saturday and is a must for any aficionado of atypical music...The band formerly known as Mess is now Darlington, named after one of the band's favorite NASCAR venues...

Mary Cutrufello will play a show to benefit the Little Folks School, a full-service, citywide, non-profit child-care center. The show will be on Sunday, November 16, at the old Lakewood Theater. If you haven't been to see a show at this distinguished-but-casual art deco venue, Cutrufello is a better reason than most...Austin cross-cultural stylists Ta Mere will be at Club Dada November 15...Fans of the singer/songwriter will want to make note of Tim O'Brien and Kevin Welch's appearance November 15 at the Sons of Hermann...

Regrettably, the optimistic note of recovery sounded in a recent music section story on Buddy Miles may have been premature: Fort Worth singer John Nitzinger has reportedly broken up his creative association with the legendary drummer, who has worked with figures such as Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana. Miles, who has been dogged by drug problems throughout his career, had promised to clean up and get healthy while Nitzinger, a recovering addict himself, vowed that he would never work with a user...

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