He is a class individual that most people never get to know outside of his ring presence, which he would have you to believe is really the way he is. Nothing could be further from the truth. He is one of the true "good guys"--perhaps not in wrestling, but in the real world of life.

Jeff Cunningham

Wade Wilson, All-Pro
Wilonsky is an idiot. In Balls ["Passed up," October 30], he said "Wilson reminded us why he's thrown for one touchdown pass since 1993." Did you even watch the game, Robert? Wade Wilson was 11 for 16, and Herschel Walker dropped two that were right in his hands! Garrett would have fared no better. Granted, Wilson has had some bad games in the past, but this was one in which he did everything right. Bad play-calling, poor receiving, and a late defensive collapse killed this game.

I like Garrett for the future, but Wilson still has the skills and experience to back up Aikman. I'll bet Wilonsky was pulling for Hogeboom back in the old days.

Albert Madariaga
Via e-mail

Malcolm X, softie
I too am tired, tired of people choosing only to remember certain things about Malcolm X ["X marks the spot," October 16]. If one chooses to be completely accurate and fair to history, one will find that in the latter days of his life, Malcolm changed his philosophy, much the same as George Wallace did. And why should a street be named for Malcolm? Because he was a great "American" who gave his life trying to make this a better world for all men.

Colis R. Johnson

Fleetwood Mac, geniuses
Is this supposed to be journalism ["You invent the future," October 30]? What a piece of trash. This long-winded article only served to make the writer look like he has no talent and cannot be impartial when revisiting one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all times. You don't have to love or even like the music, but if you have any ability, you would be able to recognize the talent involved and be able to understand why the band achieved such success. There is much music and art that I don't personally like or sometimes understand, but I can recognize true talent and artistry.

Via e-mail

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