Holiday Highlights

For the person whose taste in frames is better than their taste in art:
Choose from a wide selection of hand-painted frames for photos, prints, or posters. These frames can be customized as personal gifts for anyone on your list including pets...Are there some people out there who frame their pets? From $50-$450 at State St. Gallery, 2606 State St., (214) 220-0556.

For the gear goon or gadget gidget who needs a mobile phone for the jet ski:
There should never be a time when a person on your list is out of touch. That's why Samsung Sprint PCS digital phone ($150) is such a swell gift--free voice mail, caller ID, and crystal-clear digital calls throughout Texas--at a great price. Or perhaps you know someone who has fantasies of being on a mob hit list. Humor them with a keyless auto entry system with remote engine start ($199). And for those who believe the Texas highway system has a speed limit, play right into their transportation role-playing games with a combination radar-laser detector ($250) that comes with a guarantee against tickets. Does that mean that if you show the officer your written radar-detector guarantee, he'll just tell you to have a nice day and maybe slow down a little? Get it all at Joseph's Electronics, 2929 N. Galloway, (972) 613-0096.

For the person whose abstract nachos sculpture in petrified Cheddar needs some other pieces to set it off:

Enhance your main pieces with beautiful Mexican enhancements. Choose from handmade wood crosses covered in tin and colored glass jewels from San Miguel de Allende ($15-$175); hand-carved wood figures including reindeer, mermaids, lizards, cats and devils from Oaxaca ($15-$3,000); and clay figures such as nativity scenes, saints and Adam and Eve ($10-$700). Casa Mexicana, 2616 Elm Street, Deep Ellum, (214) 747-7227.

For the person who thinks a couple of Japanese tea ceremonies might hedge against Asian stock-market sputters:

They can begin their ceremony with a beautiful Japanese tea set that comes complete with two, four, or five cups ($25-$80). Or perhaps you'd prefer something a little stronger for those Asian-market sniffles that make New York sneeze: a Japanese sake set with two or four cups ($13.50-$30). You'll also find a wide selection of Japanese plates, bowls, soy dishes, and platters to stuff in that fireplace sock ($.99-$35). Portable gas grills ($69) and rice cookers ($37.95-$199.95) available too. Kazy's Gourmet, 9256 Markville, (972) 235-4831.

For the person who doesn't really believe in "good luck" voodoo, but has run out of straight pins, so they're willing to try anything:

Give the gift of magic with a hand-crafted voodoo doll made from wood, straw, and ceramic that's especially designed to deliver good luck ($225). Or perhaps a beautiful sculpture of Degas' "Ballerina," ($225) or Erte's bronze sculpture "Justice" ($4,400) would bring in all the luck, if not beauty. Find it all at Empty Walls Gallery, northeast corner of Preston and Royal, (214) 369-9989.

For the person who would like to see a likeness of themselves in watercolor or acrylic:

It used to be that only kings and aristocrats commissioned artists to have their portraits painted. Now you can do the commissioning for anyone on your list, including your dog...or maybe even your canary. Pat Kochan, an artist well known for her "Downtown Dallas Series," accepts commission work on any subject or size, from miniature to eight feet on canvas or paper. All Kochan needs for the work are pictures, fabrics, sketches, and your ideas. Commissions for Christmas delivery must be received by December 1. A truly distinctive gift set apart from all of the rest. Artisan's Studio-Gallery, 2825 Valley View Lane, Farmers Branch, (972) 488-8182.

For the person who thinks the best place to taste wine is shoulder-to-shoulder with rows and rows of commercial jetliners:

And it is, in Texas at least. You can experience more than 30 different Texas wines at La Bodega Winery, the world's first and only producing commercial winery in a major international airport. (What's next? A fully operational winery in a subway?) Browse through La Bodega's wide selection of wine-related gifts as well as cigars and gourmet items. La Bodega Winery, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Terminal 2E, Gate 6, (972) 574-1440.

For the person desperate to turn their body into an addiction:
And it can be done quickly and cheaply with no fuss and lots of mess, which the best addictions always have. Load up all of the stuffable stockings on your list with chocolate body paint ($9.95) and watch the need for 12-step programs explode among your friends and family. Or give the gift of healing this holiday season with dysfunctional family relief religious candles ($12.00). Other hot gifts include limited-edition pilsner ($32), milk ($20), and shot glasses ($21). Art Gallimaufry, 3515 Oak Lawn, (214) 528-1577.

For the person who needs to get away for the holidays before they ever come:
And who doesn't? What with all of the decorating, mummified turkeys, in-laws, battle-hardened fruitcakes, old college keg-drainers dropping by from out of town, and fat old men and midgets traipsing across your roof, it's a wonder more of us aren't checked in for a lengthy stay at a state mental health spa. Well, from November 28 through December 24, you can send someone on your list to a luxurious regrouping at the Stoneleigh Hotel. "Holidays at the Stoneleigh" packages range from a deluxe guest room only, to a deluxe guest room with breakfast, dinner, gifts, shopping excursions, and tickets to "A Christmas Carol" at the Arts District Theater. Package prices range from $99 to $270. The Stoneleigh Hotel, 2927 Maple Avenue, (800) 255-9299.

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