Holiday Highlights

For the barfly who wants to know how high they got before they fell off:
Give that special high-performance beverage aficionado on your list a maple barstool with a swivel memory ($45), so they'll always remember where they left off. Or, how about a doll for that loved one who wants to role-play as the nation's No. 1 law enforcer--J. Edgar Hoover-style? The Drag Queen Doll with Red Satin Tutu ($44) is the perfect fantasy aid for real men who dream of taking down real bad guys without running their stockings. Or for those who want to test the sheer strength of their trigger finger, give them a challenge fit for an Olympiad: a speed-dial, redial, and multiple-option automated voice-system triathlon on a 1940s vintage black rotary phone ($120). And for the strongly opinionated on your list, there's the amber large-mouth bass vase with blue glass trim ($65). The Consignment Solution, 4101 Bryan, (214) 827-8022.

For someone who was really bad over the past 12 months and now has to make up for it with a few "best friends":

Fill out all of those credit-card solicitations and get started. Diamonds by Drake has lots of goodies to make up for any bone-headed things that might have gone on over the past year--leaving the toilet seat up, for instance. Choose from loose diamond solitaires at one carat ($3,500-$6,000); platinum diamond mountings ($750-$5,000); loose pearls ($250-$400); and pre-owned Rolex watches ($2,000-$12,500). Diamonds by Drake, 18352 Dallas Parkway, (972) 447-0400.

For that special someone who fell asleep listening to "In a Gadda Da Vida" with the blacklight on in 1971, and now they're awake and want to know who the hell canceled Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In:

Everyone loves a light source that looks like a gestating alien in Gymboree class. So get everyone on your list a lava lamp for every room in the house--especially the kitchen, where appetites need to be stimulated, and the living room, where guests need to be impressed. Choose from 20 different color combinations (avocado and harvest gold?) in two sizes, from $58.99-$229.99. Elliot's Hardware, 4901 Maple at Motor St., (214) 634-9900.

For the person who needs "old coot softener" that works gently overnight:
Know a scrooge? Sure. We all do. Maybe even you're one. So head on over to the Pocket Sandwich Theater and pick up some tickets to Ebenezer Scrooge--A Christmas Musical before those annoying ghosts who keep trying to teach us verb tenses start pestering us while we're trying to pilfer a few cents from the downtrodden. Performances run Thursday-Sunday, November 28-December 23. Tickets are $6-$12. Pocket Sandwich Theater, 5400 E. Mockingbird, (214) 821-1860.

For those who wonder, "Who is Richard Gere, and why is he always whining about Tibet?":

"Free Tibet" is the favorite mantra for Hollywood types who run around being pleased with themselves when they're not mumbling $20 million worth of dialogue in special-effects carnivals. But what's so great about Tibet anyway? And is it near Minnetonka, Minnesota? Well, besides being close to Mt. Everest, which is about to topple over from media overload, Tibet, as well as Nepal, has a hauntingly fascinating culture. Experience a part of it with beautiful and unusual pieces, including prayer wheels, prayer flags, jewelry, masks, and hand-painted artifacts from Far Fetched Imports. You can also arrange for mountain treks, tours of Tibet and sightseeing trips in Nepal, white-water rafting trips, and jungle safaris right in the store--by the far the most unforgettable gifts imaginable. Far Fetched Imports, 2818 Elm Street, (214) 651-7595.

For those who play hooky on Sunday:
Everyone has someone on their list who needs a little spiritual revival. Why not be the spark with a beautiful pewter cross? Over 20 styles to choose from at $15-$100. The Armoire Store, 10745 Preston Road, (214) 696-2684.

For the person who rarely gives the top of the head a second thought:
How many people would think of a scalp treatment as a swell gift? That's why, if you treat those on your list with this unique gift, you'll be known as someone who uses their head in the service of other heads, or something like that. Visit Hakan International's scalp treatment center for a series of five scalp treatments. Supplement this luxurious head pampering with a gift package of wild jasmine-scented candles, lotion, and shower gel. Soaps by Aveda are also available. Hakan International, 5601 Lovers Lane, (214) 352-7555.

For the golfer who needs to get some practice in during off-hours:
Know someone who is sick and tired of the movement of the solar system wreaking havoc with their tee times? Get that special lover of dimpled balls a pair of night-vision monoculars, binoculars, or goggles ($299.95-$999.95). These special vision enhancers offer daylight viewing at night, amplifying existing light as much as 35,000 times, so they'll have more trouble finding balls in broad daylight. Never let the rotation of the earth come between your loved ones and their bliss in life. Spy Supply, Inc., 2301 N. Central Expressway, Plano, (972) 392-4779.

For the person who sings like Barry Switzer snoring through a jew's harp and needs exposure to beautiful vocalization:

Early settlers on the prairie were driven daffy by the deafening silence across the endless expanse of grasses--so much so that they equipped their sod houses with cages of canaries to soothingly break the silence. Now you can fill the home of someone on your gift list with the beautiful sounds of the world's most popular song bird. Available in a variety of colors, from $50-$90 each. Backtalk Bird Center, 6959 Arapaho Road, (972) 960-2473.

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