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Fly (W)right
Your "(W)right to fly" article [October 16] was excellent in that it pointed out that the real issue is American Airlines' trying to protect its monopoly at the expense of the flying public.

The recent changes to the Love Field restrictions pose no real changes for most of the flying public. The newly opened states of Kansas, Mississippi, and Alabama do not have a single major destination or airport hub among them. And Legend Airlines' plans do not include discount fares, which, more than anything, are what the flying public wants. The success of Southwest Airlines proves that.

I don't understand how the city of Fort Worth can claim that increased flights from Love Field pose a real threat to D/FW airport any more than Alliance Airport does, but let's assume that they somehow would. I don't understand why a plane bound for Los Angeles makes more noise or poses a greater safety risk than a plane bound for Albuquerque, but let's assume that it somehow does.

Even so, the public can be served. Keep the rules about direct flights from Love Field. That should satisfy Fort Worth. Even put a cap on the number of flights allowed from Love Field. That should satisfy the residents of the Love Field area. But simply allow "through ticketing" from Love Field to all destinations. This would allow Southwest to advertise low fares for connecting flights to all the cities that it serves. And that would force American Airlines and the other big boys at D/FW to stop gouging the residents of North Texas.

This simple plan would serve to benefit all parties involved. Who would object to this one simple solution, except the greedy ownership of American Airlines?

Mark Rosenzweig
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This is the best feature regarding the Wright Amendment that any Dallas or Fort Worth publication has run.

It ought to be required reading for anyone who is sitting on the fence regarding the issue of repeal. Outstanding research and wonderful organization of the piece.

Keep it up.
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