Too cool for us

According to Spin, Columbus, Ohio, is more of a music town than Dallas-Fort Worth

All of this, apparently, was unknown to putative music writer Schone, who was too busy being vexed by all the idiots around him to notice that he was the idiot--just as Spin was too busy pandering to the tastes of its contributors to worry about what UUSA should really be. Columbus may well have been included because contributor Ron House is one of the most dreaded of all rock-crit subspecies: the writer with a band, in House's case the enormously influential Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments. While you really can't fault House for thinking that his hometown is cooler than Dallas and that his band is more worthy of note than any Dallas band, you really can fault Spin for going along with the notion. Whether Dallas was left out of the Underground USA "guide" because of laziness or stupidity, it was still a mistake, and it's far from blind boosterism to say so.

Scene, heard
Club GridLock will present a "futuristic evening" of international Latin music called "El Santuario" (the Sanctuary) on Thursday, December 4, in honor of Enrique Iglesias' concert the next day. Jesus Chairez of KNON's (89.3 FM) Sin Fronteras radio show will be host; Rock en Espanol (and other Latin styles) records will be spun in the main club space, with salsa and merengue on the patio...Insomnia, the "caffeine nightclub" in Deep Ellum, has announced that it is incorporating live performance into its format and is looking for new acts that want to perform on the club's two stages...

Grammy-nominated reggae star Freddie McGregor is coming to Tropical Cove Friday, November 28. Don't forget, Cove dress code means no tennies...Atom 12 is holed up in the studio with producer David Castell working on their first album and reports that work is proceeding apace. The band hopes for a release date sometime in the beginning of 1998; catch them at Club Clearview Saturday, November 29...The musical mixmasters of the Vas Deferens Organization have yet another new release, this one bearing the charming, appetite-suppressing title Sweat Your Cheeses, But Not in My Salad. This release is on the challenging San Francisco label Charnel House, and VDO knobmeister Matt Castille reports that the group's increased media coverage--'97 was a banner year in that respect--is beginning to show some results. "The first pressing of 1,000 has already sold 700 copies, and that's prior to shipping," an obviously delighted Castille reports, adding that the group is planning live shows sometime in the not-so-distant-future...There will be a free classical music symposium on Saturday, November 29, at the Dallas Museum of Art. The 1 p.m. lecture on "The Classical Ideal in Art and Music" will be followed by a 3 p.m. concert...Congratulations to the Arthur Riddles Jazz Quartet on hitting the three-year mark with their Sunday-evening gig at the Balcony Club...

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