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Studio wizard Patrick Keel was the drummer for the band Happy Face during their Thanksgiving Day show at Club Clearview, the first time he's pounded the skins in a live setting since 1977, when he played "some record company party" in Los Angeles. Keel is also producing H. Face's demos. "I like these guys so much," Keel says of the band, "but we never found a slammin' drummer that could complement the rest of the playing." Keel will continue to fill in on drums until the band generates enough interest from a label that's willing to help them look for a drummer who will fit their sound. In the meantime, Keel notes--sounding almost giddy--"I'm having so much fun." Incidentally, Keel's bass-playing partner on that long-ago California night was Dragon Street Records honcho David Dennard. The band Sandwich is having the release party for their new full-length album, Smoothie, at Trees on Thursday, December 4. That album was also produced by Keel...

The Enablers played their last show for a while the Wednesday before Turkey Day. The adventuresome demi-lounge group will take a break in December and January after 18 months in the saddle at the Dark Room...Lisa Dupre moves her Monday-night blues jam from Greenville Bar and Grill to Poor David's Pub, an appropriate relocation as PDP owner David Card started Blue Mondays with Anson Funderburgh back in 1978...

No matter how many times Street Beat hears that song, we still can't think of Sly Stone as an ordinary person, can you? Let us know at

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