The Right Honorable Don Venable

As the new trustee takes his seat on the school board, he comes out slashing

Venable says he has spent "a long time" with other members soliciting their support for his dump-Leos plan. He believes he has lined up five solid votes--his own and those of board members John Dodd, Ron Price, Hollis Brashear, and Yvonne Ewell. He has spent a lot of time talking with trustee Lois Parrott, who represents, he says, a very likely sixth vote.

Nervy as it might be to lead the charge to dethrone the board president the week he starts, the scenario perfectly plays out what both Venable's supporters and detractors expected of the pink-faced white guy who has made a career out of suing DISD board members and has assailed its lawyers, staff, and trustees, for what he calls their "mentality of criminality."

Venable, who had once aspired to the ministry and has worked at the grassroots level to bring evangelicals into the Republican Party, believes he can forge a holy alliance with several of the same board members he has sued. He says trustees Dodd, Price, and Brashear have already agreed to treat each other like the "Christian brothers that we are."

Exactly what this means remains an open question, since the pugnacious Venable has a history of not turning the other cheek.

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