Ah, well, there's my rant. Like I said, I could write a book on the differences. Dallas outdoes the entertainment capital of the world (where there's not much to do), the city that never sleeps (until everything closes at 6 p.m.)--viva Las Vegas.

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Tops ZZ Top
Thanks for the article on Rory Gallagher ["Rory in the sky," November 27]. I was at that Thanksgiving show after a heated argument that rock and roll should have precedence over another boring evening with the in-laws. Rory was always a favorite of mine, even though radio virtually ignored him. I remember being happy for Rory when I heard he was being considered as a replacement for Mick Taylor in the Stones, but ultimately glad that he wasn't chosen because this would have meant a stop to the continual flow of Rory's solo material. His show at the Tarrant County Convention Center opening for ZZ Top was one of his best. Although my loyalty to ZZ Top prevents me from saying that Rory "blew them away," I will say that 15,000 people, along with the three boys from Texas at side stage, saw a man who had passion and licks and knew how to entertain in an arena as well as in a bar. Once again, thanks for the article, and here's hoping everyone out there who appreciates great guitar work will check him out when his albums are rereleased.

Rick Rieckhoff
Farmers Branch

Dallas Observer's November 27 cover story, "Courthouse coup," understated the hours worked by state District Judge Mike Keasler. According to Texas Lawyer, Keasler averages five hours a day--which amounts to an estimated 25 hours a week. We regret the error.

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