Dave Mason
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I've never been a true proponent of Laura Miller (the cat story early on didn't help). I don't like feeling manipulated when reading an article, but I also realize that sometimes that manipulation comes from the truth being clearly and unflinchingly delineated in a way not known to other publications or broadcasts in this town. I have come to appreciate Ms. Miller's writing over the years. I hope that she receives the support necessary to gain the office she seeks, and I hope the city of Dallas' collective eyes will be opened to some of the questionable goings-on in its government. Good luck, Ms. Miller; don't forget to write.

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Right on, Laura Miller. Way to make this election season interesting. Kirk and Ware have had their way for too long. How many streets and potholes can be fixed for the $125 million-plus that Kirk, Ware, and their cronies want us to spend on their arena?

It's always funny how supporters of such projects talk about this big economic impact, as if that money wouldn't come from somewhere in the Dallas area, anyhow. We paid for a symphony hall, and what has that got us? But while such projects are obvious pork, concerned taxpayers cannot overlook the largest expense of any government budget: employees' salaries and pensions. Since when did "public service" guarantee many such "servants" six-figure salaries and pensions, or even high five-figure ones? Such "servants" only serve themselves, and taxpayers better wake up about this scam quick. This is the primary reason why we all spend 40 to 50 percent of our hard-earned income in taxes (I'm not talking about the real public servants who slaved their careers away for $30,000 at the most--they deserve pensions--I'm talking about the Ware and [Yvonne] Gonzalez types).

If Miller makes it to the council, she could wind up as much an outcast as Paul Fielding was--and she better do better than he did as far as back-watching and company-keeping.

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With growing admiration, I continue to read Laura Miller's take on the proposed new arena for Dallas. She writes with such intelligence, humor, and directness. I read every word she writes and am eager for the next issue. I don't live in Dallas County, so I cannot vote, but if I could, she would most certainly be my candidate.

Chesteena Hullum
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Go Laura! Although I'm an Oak Lawn resident stuck with my own invisible council member and unable to vote for Ms. Miller, I'm ready to come out of political retirement to help her win in May. Finally, someone willing to do the homework, ask the hard questions, and make decisions based on what's right for Dallas residents rather than old-moneyed white guys from Highland Park. What an idea!

Brenda Marks
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I agree with everything that Laura and this group of respondents are saying. Our city will continue to be sucked dry by these centi-millionaires who see such easy pickings thanks to our collection of gutless politicians.

Not only do I look forward to contributing to Ms. Miller's election campaign, how about looking into the legality of the city's behavior on these secret shenanigans that Laura has reported with such understandable disgust and frustration? I have actually had some first-hand experience with the city of Dallas on a number of issues very closely related to this arena caper, and it would come as little surprise to me that an appropriate review of this disgraceful deal would generate some quite decent causes of action.

In other words, with the January vote imminent, Ms. Miller's successful election to the city council obviously will not be as timely as I and most sensible voters would like. Therefore, if any appropriate members of the Dallas Bar honestly believe there exist actionable issues here (as I suspect), let's explore. I would be more than willing to sponsor an initiative to enjoin this mess on the taxpayers' behalf.

Don Box
Via e-mail

Things are so amiss and corrupt in this city that they even have mold growing on the outside of City Hall, so that should show you something is amiss somewhere. I wish Laura Miller luck in her run for a council seat, but she has to remember that politics corrupts, and I wouldn't like to see her take that route. I'm a big fan of hers, but what's done is done, and I've a feeling she may not win because of what the mayor told her in the Dallas paper: "If her only reason for running is to come down here and mess with me, then she's in for a long road."

The election isn't until May '98, and the arena vote's in January, so how long will it be until the groundbreaking happens after the votes are cast? I'd like to know just how much of the taxpayers' moneys have already been spent in the four years that this research has been going on. In one report that I saw, they said they spent $40,000 for one study to see what the feasibility was, and I think by now they could have already had it built--after all, it took Arlington less than two years to get the Ballpark under construction at way less than they've spent on this catastrophe, so what's their problem? It's no wonder Bruton Smith ran away to Fort Worth with his racetrack, and now Dallas is kickin' itself in the butt for lettin' that happen.

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