Jason Rice
V.P. of Development, Bucket Productions
Via e-mail

Dallas Observer theater critic Jimmy Fowler responds: Mr. Rice's complaints about the unsung contributions of a small theater techie in this town are well observed, and by no means his alone. Whether a show costs $30 million or 30 cents, actors and directors should realize that the contributions of these professionals are part of the artistic process, not just loose ends to be tied up by a guy who knows a lot about electricity.

As far as Bucket Productions having spoken to Theater Projects Consultants about the proposed space, the September study that TPC released included a list of all 102 individuals and organizations they consulted to arrive at their findings. Neither Jason Rice's name nor anyone from Bucket Productions is on the list. A TPC spokeswoman confirmed that this list was comprehensive.

Mr. Ware's neighborhood
I believe that the condition of Mr. [John] Ware's fence is no concern of ours ["Don't fence me in," December 11]. Many Americans' fences need repairing; his fence is just representative of the American body politic as well as of America itself.

Ed Gray
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