Joel Thomas
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Praise for Peter
Peter Rainer's review of Jackie Brown ["Punch drunk," December 25] hit the nail on the head. My boyfriend and I saw it last night. We were trying to decide exactly how we felt about the new Tarantino movie, and Rainer couldn't have said it better. He verbalized in a cohesive manner everything that we talked about. His style of writing is great. I look forward to seeing more of his reviews.

Vail, Colorado

Happened to stumble across your column in the Observer while scanning for a job opportunity in the Dallas area. I have not seen Jackie Brown yet, but I probably will, based on your review. I enjoyed your in-depth piece, which was devoid of the usual "star struck," overly simpatico "two thumbs approach."

I found it refreshing that you actually took time to examine the film from several perspectives. I enjoyed the comments of Samuel Jackson, whom you also quoted. I am a 51-year-old African-American man who, typical of the class, does not have the money or interest to charge off to every new movie. However, your review helped prepare me for what I think will end up being, all things considered, a good investment.

Whether I find work in Dallas or not, I plan to continue checking out your columns on-line!

Ernie Mercer
East St. Louis, Illinois

On the other hand
These phone-in reviews by Peter Rainer are worthwhile only in that they tell me exactly what I want to know about a movie. In almost every case, his negative review has led me to an excellent film, while his positives seem to be directed toward the mainstream that I hoped the Observer was not becoming a part of. I miss the local reviewers who aren't affected by being too close to the machinery of the star-making facilities of the West. Piece by piece, the Observer is being dismantled into just another newspaper with no personality of its own. That is a shame.

Percival Rogers
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Roars for Rory
It warmed my heart to read your recent article about Rory Gallagher ["Rory in the sky," November 27]. For years I thought I might have dreamt him up, as it seemed I was the only person in the U.S. who knew who he was. His music taught me the blues. If he covered a Leadbelly song, I sought out Leadbelly recordings, and so on. That's how I learned my blues history, and that was a great path to be set on. Thanks for keeping his name out there.

Kristina Lavoie
Via e-mail

In response to Rick Koster's excellent tribute to Rory Gallagher, I must say many thanks, and I hope this opens eyes and ears to this wonderful guitarist. I have been a fan of Gallagher's for years and was always amazed and frustrated by his lack of exposure and recognition in this country--especially when lesser guitarists are canonized. I first heard Rory's music in Europe on the recommendation of a friend, and have been a fan ever since. I regret that I never got to hear him live, but Mr. Koster's heartfelt tribute goes a long way toward expressing what a sincere and honest performer Gallagher must have been. Thanks again for the tribute, Rick.

Eric Lindquist
College Station

Thanks to the Dallas Observer and Rick Koster for his heartfelt tribute to the late Rory Gallagher. Hopefully, this might enlighten people unaware of him to seek out his music. Onstage, he was a passionate, dynamic performer, and offstage, a quiet, humble gentleman. He continues to serve as a great inspiration to me and my music. Rest in peace, Rory.

Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat

Tribute to Tommy
I really enjoyed your article and interview with Tommy Shannon ["Cry tough," December 25]. I'm a big fan of Tommy's as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Johnny Winter. I lived in Texas for 10 years after I graduated from Mississippi State University and fell in love with your great state. I get Texas fever at least once a year and have to go back for a visit! I lived in Paris--ever heard of it? Anyway, I put you on my "favorites" list. I look forward to other articles about my "adopted" home state!

Lynn Vaughn

A great article on a great musician; a better insight into Tommy than any of the books I've read.

Having worked at Blossoms Downstairs in Fort Worth, I had the opportunity to see Tommy and Stevie on numerous occasions. The photo on Page 85 of Tommy and Stevie was taken by me on Sept. 16, 1984, at Will Rogers Auditorium. This show was a warm-up for their upcoming Carnegie Hall show in October.

I gave a copy of this photo and several others from that night to Tommy at the last Arc Angels show in Austin, at the Back Yard. I also have great shots from this show as well. I thought you might like a little more info on this picture.

Thanks and keep up the great stories.
Jeff Jones
Fort Worth

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