Titanic the film--like the liner itself--is enormous. The real tragedy for filmgoers today would be if anyone neglected to attend the film on the basis of your attempt to pick it apart.


The ignorance trip
Having spent more than 30 years in the Dallas area, I relocated to Jacksonville a year ago. Your story on those two idiots, Lex & Terry ["Lex and Terry's wet dream," December 18] was totally ridiculous in the sense that you dissed Jacksonville. I had heard them on the radio when I first got here, and all I had to do was turn the dial and not look back! Their humor is very juvenile, which I find offensive and definitely not funny.

The thing is, I know of many people in this city who feel the same way about their brand of bathroom humor, so to put the city of Jacksonville down is to demonstrate ignorance. In Dallas, I had heard offensive humor on Q102's morning show with Bo & Jim, as well as that awful show with Bob & John, or whomever, on 92.5. Again, we all have a mind to think with and a radio dial to change the station with, so it seems to be a matter of using them! So, get off the ignorance trip and get over it!

Suzanne Miller
Via e-mail

I happen to dig most of Lex & Terry's show, finding them hilarious. Their "love advice" almost always makes perfect sense. They tell the caller what they think, not what the caller wants to hear. They don't pump any egos or kiss listeners' asses. My only problem is that I can't let myself listen to them all morning--there are at least four stations that I listen to in the morning, and they are all great. In fact, the only reason I have Q102 on my presets is because of Lex & Terry. The rest of the day (music and personalities) sucks.

Via e-mail

As a resident of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, I would like to start by saying I do not listen to the Lex and Terry morning show. Unfortunately, I did not get to read the article "Lex and Terry's wet dream," but skimmed a brief overview in a local weekly paper. All I can say to Rose Farley in response to the insults of our town is, if Lex and Terry are distasteful, childish, etc., then why did Dallas pick up the show? Could it be that the town's profile and social composition were a better fit for the "wet dream" show? Get a clue, Dallas.

Via e-mail

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