So here we have it, Tracy and Stacie feudin' and fightin' after a night of gamblin' and drinkin'.

To top it off, Stacie Lawrence issued this comment in a news release from her Dallas lawyer, Jack Pate:

"I am afraid we are dealing with an individual who talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. When he is ready to walk, I'm prepared to walk with him. But it is he who must take the first step."

Set that to a steel guitar and ship it off to Nashville, darlin'.

Play nice
Apparently, things have been getting a little raw at the Morning News' Web site.

A letter from an editor on the paper's Internet edition recently asked that people who join discussion groups at watch their mouths.

The Morning News values free speech, the letter stated, "but we do not accept obscenity, sexism, racism, insults, slander or threats in any medium as excusable byproducts of this freedom."

That's the problem with freedom, all those messy byproducts.
Buzz acknowledges that there is a lot of inanity and unpleasantness on the Internet, but isn't the lack of decorum the point? The Internet is one of the few places left for the politically incorrect to revel. Trying to impose rules on a discussion there is like trying to referee a school board meeting.

So, Buzz says, strike a blow for freedom. Go on the News site and say something rude.

--Compiled from staff reports by Patrick Williams

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