Teahouse of the former Moon

Defunct space gets a new lease on life

"Ice cold longnecks, hardwood dance floor, and the best in Texas music," he recites, pausing for a moment before looking up with a grin.

"What else is there?"

The hard-hat construction party for the Gypsy Tea Room, featuring the Derailers, with the Lucky Pierres opening, will be Saturday, February 28.

Scene, heard
The battle that will decide which local act gets to open for the H.O.R.D.E. tour's Dallas stop commences Thursday, February 26, among Overflow, Buck Jones, Nick Brisco, and the Undulating Band...The Drive-By Orchestra has a new bass player, Jim Holbrook. Check him out this Friday, February 27, when the DBO opens for Ugly Mus-Tard at Rick's in Denton, and don't forget to look for the DBO's album sometime this summer...Pimpadelic's new album Statutory Rap is nearing completion and should hit the street April 7...Static is calling it quits after more than four years. The breakup is amicable, as guitarist Josh Weber goes on to 413 and singer-guitarist Marcus Striplin starts a new band, to be called Pleasant Grove. Static's last show will be Thursday, February 26, at Club Clearview...Hi Fi Drowning is recording for MCA, and the Tomorrowpeople are hard at work at Geffen...Jazz mavens will want to note that a cappella quartet ACOUSTIX and the Dallas Jazz Orchestra will perform at the Lakewood Theatre on Saturday, February 28; shows will be at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m...

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