Night & Day

April 2-8, 1998

April 8
The Lakewood's "Weekday Classics" series advertises the 1956 Biblical extravaganza The Ten Commandments as an "Easter Special," but it's really good old-fashioned Hollywood schmaltz in a year when the Academy rewarded high-tech, fin-de-siecle schmaltz (Titanic) big-time. What Cecil B. DeMille's remake of his own 1923 Biblical story offers is a smashing example of cinematic ham salad, served buffet-style on the Lakewood's gigantic screen. The recipe? Mix one third Technicolor mayo; add panting, not-unimpressive-for-their-day special effects for seasoning; and mix thoroughly with generous porcine chunks of Charlton Heston's squinty, bellowing thespian style. The Lakewood's ultra-frigid air conditioning ensures it'll be served cold for these warmer months. The screening happens 7:30 p.m. April 7 and 8 at the Lakewood Theater, Abrams and Gaston. Admission is a quarter. Call (214) 827-

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