High culture in the 'burbs

Although sometimes riveting, The Ladies Room at Mesquite's Theatre Quorum needs a makeover

All that said, Wilson's precise and poignant language, and her confidence in using it to introduce us to believable people, finds stirring expression with this cast. The eloquently awkward Carl Savering doesn't turn The Ladies' Room into the one-man show it could've been, but he commands his scenes with wounded authority and just a touch of menace. Laurel Whitsett, who spends much of her time in the first act just fending Chris away, appeals (but doesn't turn wussy) far beyond the finite borders of her good-natured character. Martin Holden spins a macho memory with snaky, smirky enthusiasm, so much so you want more of him. And Patricia Ivey as Christine, a sort of suburban Texas peach who's turned, never courts audience approval as the fed-up mother of a dying son (she didn't seem to be projecting her soft voice as much as the other actors during the first act; her dialogue became much clearer by the second).

By all means, get yourself out to the Mesquite wilderness and see The Ladies Room even if the Theatre Quorum's still under construction. Appreciate the fine acting, flinch at the brutal honesty, and ask yourself what a playwright as promising and compassionate as Angela Wilson will come up with next.

The Ladies Room runs through April 4. Call (972) 216-8131.

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