Night & Day

May 7 - 13, 1998

may 13
The towering majesty of Mount Everest and the towering screens of IMAX theaters are a perfect match, but the difficulty in filming with IMAX cameras, which are twice as heavy as normal film equipment, had kept the two apart until director David Breashears and his crew found a way to make it happen. Using experimental cameras, Breashears and his team scaled the peak only days after an avalanche had decimated another expedition. The life-and-death struggle to reach the top and the mountain's astounding visuals combined to make the resulting film, Everest, a masterpiece in large-format filmmaking. The 40-minute film has smashed box-office records for IMAX theaters, propelling Everest into the top 20 for all films, boasting a per-screen average that dwarfs even Titanic's impressive numbers. Everest plays at the Omni Theater in the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, located at 1501 Montgomery in Fort Worth. Call (817) 255-9300 for show times.

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