Men behaving badly

The gulf between the sexes is a baptism of comedy in the Undermain's hilarious show

The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite runs through May 23. Call (214) 747-5515.

Eleventh Street Theatre Project begins its 10th season with Arthur Miller's rarely produced The Creation of the World and Other Business. As the title suggests, it's a theatrical adaptation of the Book of Genesis, and as usual, will be performed on the stage of St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral. But director Lisa Cotie issues a warning to ticketbuyers who have certain expectations of what a play about creation should be.

"There's nothing in this comedy that tries to offend most people of faith," she says. "But we're not just staging the scriptures here"

Cotie (whose name was previously, incorrectly spelled "Cody" in this space) insists that despite its comic overtones, The Creation of the World and Other Business is more philosophical, even more political than the straight-ahead King James retelling of Genesis. Audiences will watch as Adam (Shane Beeson) and Eve (Blue McDonnell) succumb to temptation and are transformed by the subsequent knowledge of their nakedness. But the heroes and villains in Miller's 1972 play aren't so easy to place: You're forced to ponder who really cares more about the welfare of the first humans--God (Jeff Bush) or Lucifer (Kevin Keating).

"Miller asks us, Is God really omnipotent? And were Lucifer's intentions all bad?" Cotie says. "And he also asks, if God knows everything, then why did he plant that damned tree in Eden? And why was he surprised when Adam and Eve tasted the apple?"

The Creation of the World and Other Business premieres the new, expanded ensemble of 11th Street Theatre Project, which boasts more than just a larger pool of acting talent.

"I think our productions have always been strong in the acting department. But with this show, we've taken our production values--lighting, sound, costumes, everything--up a notch. I'm excited and nervous at the same time."

The Creation of the World and Other Business opens Thursday, May 7, and runs through May 23. Call (214) 522-

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