Sean (the DJ) fed him every day, and I would go to stores and buy him all the essentials a man would need. And when he needed cigarettes or a quart [of beer], one of us was going to the ghetto store with him getting it. I have a tremendous amount of love for that man.

We gave him a big surprise birthday bash at the house for his 46th birthday on October 13, 1995. The man was well respected and loves the music that Pimpadelic played--that is why we took him in and made him one of our family members. We are currently trying to get him out of jail so we can enjoy his great humor and his wonderful smile and good heart.

To say that we made some kind of joke out of him is totally the wrong idea you have gotten. We love the guy and would do anything for him, and if he were here now he would tell you the same. The CD was partly dedicated to "Q-Dog," and that is why there is a big picture on the inside of the CD cover--in tribute to our announcer. We made him feel like he had a purpose in life, and he loved the publicity.

He could walk into Clearview or Trees, and everyone would know him and say hi. When he was on stage, the crowd would shout "Q-Dog," and that was his stage name and he was damn proud of it. And if he could see and hear the CD, he would be very honored. Next time you assume that people are a certain "stereotype," just take time to talk to the band and find out the facts before you make comments like that.

I do appreciate your apology and do wish it was sincere. 'cause it was nice. Not everyone has the same taste in music, and it is freedom of choice and speech. They are just a bunch of down-to-earth guys having fun and making money on the process. What harm is that? I just need to tell y'all the truth behind my good friend Quincy Gibbons, because if he had read the article, it would have upset him that you said that about him. Sorry to take up your time, but I figured someone should know the real truth--even if you don't care.

Via e-mail

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