Night & Day

June 4 - 10, 1998

june 10
Brian Regan might be the funniest comedian working the circuit right now. He's not a household name yet, but he soon will--or should--be. Judging by his series of standing-room-only shows last fall at Addison's Improv, the Metroplex already has discovered Regan's special brand of comedy. The audience at Regan's Improv shows knew his act so well they were shouting out requests, yelling things like, "cup of dirt!" Regan's act--part Jerry Seinfeld-esque observations, part Jim Carrey mugging--can't be duplicated. Repeating his act to a friend is about as funny as seeing Andrew Dice Clay perform at a National Organization for Women convention. It's not that his jokes aren't amusing; most of them are funny enough to make you pull an abdominal muscle. It's just that it's impossible to recreate the way he throws himself (sometimes literally) into every punchline. Regan performs at Addison's Improv, located at 4980 Belt Line, through June 22. Call (972) 404-8501 for ticket information and show times.

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