So get your head out of the sand and try listening to Exile or Sacrifice. The genius of Gary's talents is only getting stronger. His music is emotion and passion--something many of today's artists simply lack and will never achieve!

Tamatha Mitchell
Via e-mail

Zac Crain--what are you talking about? Exile has a particularly unique sound and vibe to it. If Gary has ripped off ideas and sounds from other people, then it's been done in a particularly clever and inventive way. Anyway, nothing's completely original--how can it be?

Liam Howlett (Prodigy maestro) would also disagree with you here. He phoned Gary only recently, which is months after the release of Exile here in the U.K. So he obviously liked what he heard.

Simon Everest
Via e-mail

Yardstick up the butt
I'm glad I don't live in Dallas. If I did, I'd have to walk down your rhinestone-encrusted streets in fear of running into Keith Moerer and having to pound him--or at least force him to listen to the music of his favorite band, Ben Folds Five [Music listings, May 14].

Moerer's comments regarding the band were incendiary, made even more so by the fact that this officious ass had no idea what he was talking about. While I'm sure the band and all its fans are dreadfully sorry that they can't be like Keith Moerer, dress like Keith Moerer, and look like Keith Moerer, suffice it to say that the yardstick up the butt would cause problems for the majority of us. Keith can take his vast resources of musical knowledge and his impressive talent for hearing good sounds (right, Keithy) and join them with the aforementioned measuring device. Plenty of room up there...

Dan Cohen
Via e-mail

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