Spinning wheels

Fahim Minkah cleared one set of hurdles to build a South Dallas skating rink, only to have the city put more in front of him

"It's amazing in the same period of time that the Southern Skates project has been in process, the Intown Housing money has been secured, the houses have gone up, and people moved in. And this is a much less complicated deal," Daniel says. "It doesn't involve nearly as much money. And let's face it, it was less risky. We know people will skate. They didn't know people would move downtown."

Councilman Duncan thinks the city manager's office is purposely dragging its feet on this and the other Neighborhood Renaissance projects in hopes that if they wait long enough, there will be no council members left who remember the initial promises.

But Fahim Minkah will remember. And so will the children.

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