For the record, however, AIDS Services of Dallas could not have come close to affording to filter all water. Showers are not filtered. Drinking water is filtered. Coffee machines, juice machines, drinking water taps, and ice machines were equipped with NSF-53-rated filters.

Don Maison
Via e-mail

Editor's note: Don Maison is director of AIDS Services of Dallas.

Wanted: respectable critic
Christina Rees would do well in her reviews to stick to the basics such as dates of the opening and a bio on the artist. Just please stop subjecting us loyal Observer readers to her banal art critiques. It is impossible to take her seriously. She is obviously so clueless about art that I can't even argue with her as to whether or not artists deserve a positive review. She gushes about every show she sees. She seems to think that as long as there is paint on a canvas, it is worthy to be called art. I've never read one of her reviews where she put the artist on the spot and questioned them. Her review "Ice breaker" [July 16] was absolutely terrible! She sounded like some Barbara Walters wanna-be with her "If two trees embraced..." Her vocabulary is incredibly sophomoric and unsophisticated. Her knowledge of art is obviously limited.

Please find a reputable, respectable writer to critique art and stop subjecting us to Christina's crude, naive banter.

If you need someone to replace her, please e-mail me.
J.J. King
Via e-mail

Let 'em stay poor
In your article on the public housing in North Dallas ["Welcome to the neighborhood," July 16], Reginald Giles says, "Just because a person is poor, doesn't mean he or she has to live in poverty." That is like saying just because a person is swimming, doesn't mean they have to get wet.

On the other hand, as long as people such as Giles continue to believe that anyone in America has a right to free healthcare and free room and board, no matter who has to pay for it (including you and me), then they don't have to live in poverty.

Come back here in 10 years or so and see how these "nice" accommodations look.

Mr. Giles, I am middle-class. Where can I get a free upgrade to rich?
Mark McCauley
Via e-mail

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