Blues for Freddie

The family of a Dallas guitar legend fights to protect his legacy

Wanda says she has a good idea who sold the tape to Ames. She alludes to "someone in my father's organization"--and is determined to keep the tape out of Ames' possession forever. She says this has nothing to do with Showalter--it's all about protecting her father's legacy and keeping the money out of Ames' hands.

Ames simply shrugs and says the lawsuits in Dallas and Houston are ridiculous. To hear him tell it, he, too, is a victim of greed. "I haven't done anything," he insists, sounding very much like a man tired of being attacked. "I simply recorded people, signed them to contracts, paid them an advance, and if they sold enough records, I paid them more. That's all that matters. Everything else is made up."

That, as they say, is for the courts to decide.

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