The Republicans will win the White House soon enough, and they can start to rob, rape, and pillage the country and the Constitution then.

Lynn Jones

You say Clinton's actions with Monica Lewinsky constitute a "strikingly similar pattern." Do you mean Paula Jones flashed her skimpy underwear at the governor?

Assuming she didn't, and assuming she went to that hotel room thinking that the governor just wanted to thank her for the wonderful job she was doing as a "lowly Arkansas state employee," and assuming he did exactly what she claims he did, he did take "no" for an answer. In more than 30 years in the business world, I've known more than a few men who considered "no" a come-on. Most women I've known in business between 40 and 75 had similar experiences and don't consider a single approach, abandoned when rebuffed, to be sexual harassment.

It doesn't surprise me at all that feminists haven't rushed to embrace the right-wing Republicans and religious zealots in vilifying President Clinton. Most feminists, after all, know how to recognize their own best interests and have experience in choosing the lesser of evils.

Rebecca Morris
Via e-mail

I am very upset with your article on Clinton about race. I do think it is a conspiracy, and I am an African-American lady. Clinton is a great president, and he worked hard to get this economy working good. I am not behind him because people say he is a black president. People make mistakes, and just because he is president, he is not supposed to be God. Check the Bible: "Whosoever is without sin cast the first stone." We all have skeletons in our closets. You probably did not know, but Newt Gingrich asked his wife, while she was very ill in the hospital, for a divorce. Why couldn't he have waited until she got home to ask her? That was very cold.

The only person who can judge Clinton is God, and nobody else. It really upsets me when people make it a race thing when it is not. I read in the Wall Street Journal that 65 percent of African-Americans; 55 percent of senior citizens; 50 percent of working mothers; and 45 percent of Republicans said that they disagree with what Congress is doing. They will not vote Republican next time. Tell me if I am wrong, but this does not sound like race to me.

Clinton has not affected this country. It hurts me to see everything charged to race. I want Ken Starr and Linda Tripp to know that they are scum, but even though they made a mistake in my eyes, I forgive them. I am not the one to judge and neither are you.

Dakota Weathersby
Via e-mail

Ms. [Christine] Biederman's report on the difficulties facing Paula Jones in her suit against Bill Clinton makes some intriguing and accurate demographic observations. While it's true that the majority of African-Americans and women voters supported Clinton, the real problem for the Jones Team is the widespread lack of moral convictions in America today--not the racial demographics of Arkansas or any other state. Sadly, the man who holds the White House is a symbol of America's Hell-bound decline into depravity.

The ugly truth is that fornication is so rampant in our society that it has become semi-socially accepted. "Inappropriate relationships" outside of marriage are perverse according to the Bible, yet apparently acceptable to Clinton supporters. This group of amoral Americans would have us believe that Clinton's outrageous propositioning of Paula Jones and his subsequent affair with Ms. Lewinsky are little more than personality quirks. It is a sad day for us as a nation when this type of extramarital perversion is tolerated by the common folk.

Ms. Jones may have a difficult time finding a moral jury to fairly judge her case, but we as a nation have a clear-cut way out of this. We must vote for Republican, Christian candidates this November who will vote to impeach Clinton, and then we must elect George W. Bush in the year 2000. It is time to reclaim this nation for those who truly own and deserve its blessings, we conservatives and true Americans.

Derek G. Davis
Via e-mail

Sore losers
Recently you wrote an article about the parade entry that I have fought to get into the Dallas Veterans Day Parade [Buzz, October 8]. Your line in the article about not being able to make some people happy is very appropriate in this case. I personally thought that the article was a hatchet job on me and failed even to consider the simple fact that what the city attempted to do was not only a violation of my constitutional rights but was just simply illegal. All that we ever asked of the city was to be treated the same as the other entries in the parade, which is our right as Americans.

Fortunately for the taxpayers of Dallas, the parade officials saw the wisdom of not attempting to defend their position in federal court, where they faced a certain loss.

James Dark
Via e-mail

I would like to point out something that is grossly misrepresented concerning the War Between the States. A surrender does not mean a "loser." Mr. Webster defines it as such: "to give up possession, to yield, abandon." Clearly there were no winners on either side, as the war was devastating to both sides. Losses of homes, loved ones, and so forth.

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